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Success Stories

Success Stories

The following stories were kindly provided by our patients:


"After suffering for 5 plus years with severe and violent migraines, a friend suggested I try acupuncture. I had tried everything else under the sun, so I figured I had nothing to lose with trying it! After asking around about a good acupuncturist in town, another friend of mine recommended I see Bradley Cimino L.Ac. After going through a series of acupuncture treatments and taking Chinese herbal medicine, in less than five months, Bradley dramatically reduced my headaches from being debilitating to virtually non existent! I not only recommend acupuncture for, well everything - but I recommend Bradley as your Acupuncturist. He is honestly AMAZING!" - Megan

Allergy Relief

"I first started seeing Brad Cimino at Proactive Acupuncture to relieve lower back pain and reduce stress - and it worked! Brad had recommended when I came in to try and cleanse my body from traditional western medication. I reduced and then completely stopped taking Naproxen for my back pain and was feeling better and stronger than ever. It was July and although concerned, I also stopped taking Allegra for my allergies. This was hard to do, since I had been taking Allegra (or some type of allergy medication) for most of my life... especially since I moved to California in 1993. In fact, I was on it year round - I took one a day, during the winter months and two a day, during the summer months. A couple months went by and my husband pointed out that I hadn't needed my allergy medicine. I was surprised to realize it but not quite a believer, I thought, let's see what happens when spring comes around. I advised Brad that my allergies were really bad around April & May and that we needed to be really aggressive with treatment. So during that time, I went in weekly for acupuncture - which DID hold my allergies at bay for the most part. There was one, 2 week period where I had to take an over the counter allergy relief - but that was it! I continue to see Brad for pain & allergy management and would recommend to anyone to seek acupuncture as an alternative to traditional western medicine!" - Andrea


I found Brad and Pro Active Acupuncture on-line when looking for local acupuncture therapy. I have had tinnitus (ringing in my ears) for over 2 years. I wanted to try an alternative approach rather than taking prescription drugs. I called and spoke directly with Brad, and he was very helpful in answering my questions. At my fist appointment, I would rate the severity of the ringing at about a 10. Brad spoke with me for about 30 minutes at my first appointment, then decided on the approach that we would take, and followed with about 30 minutes of acupuncture. I continued going for sessions every three to four days until the tinnitus was under control. It only took about 3 sessions to bring the tinnitus down to an acceptable level, which is about a 3 in severity. After about 3 months, I feel I finally have some control over the tinnitus, and can manage it with sessions about once a month. Brad knows his profession and he also acts as an advisor in how to manage stress. I would highly recommend Proactive Acupuncture to anyone who is looking for relief of any kind of pain or stress and wants an alternative to being prescribed medications." - Richard

Tension Headaches and Sports Medicine

For many years I would wake up with severe headaches everyday. I had been to multiple Doctors and had not found a long-term solution short of taking pain medication every morning. Approximately one year ago, after seeing the sign out in front of his office several times a week, I decided to give Proactive Acupuncture a try. After just a couple of sessions, I not only found immediate relief, but have not had another headache in nearly a year. While working with Bradley I learned that he is also trained in the Chinese Medicine approach to sports medicine. As an avid athlete and a person who generally plays hard I have found Bradley and Proactive Acupuncture to be the best way to manage aches, pains, and the speed up the healing of injuries. Bradley Cimino is knowledgeable, compassionate, and extremely skilled. I sincerely recommend him as an integral part of your health care team." - Saralyn

Elbow Pain and Abdominal Pain

"I am a shamanic and spiritual healer and originally met Bradley while working out of his office, ProActive Acupuncture. For several months I was experiencing pain in my right elbow which was becoming progressively worse as I was now having difficulty grasping things and experiencing intense pain while performing body work on my patients. Within a couple of acupuncture treatments my pain was entirely relieved. As I recently learned, Traditional Chinese Medicine is a holistic system and Bradley informed me that the cause of my elbow pain was in fact coming from imbalances in my digestive system. Now that my elbow pain was relieved, I was interested in learning more about improving my digestion as I have chronically experienced abdominal pain and distention especially after eating heavier foods. Bradley assessed my diet and gave me recommendations of foods to avoid and foods to incorporate in my diet. He also prescribed herbal medicine along with acupuncture. It has now been about six months and my digestive system has never felt better. I seldom have digestion complaints and occasionally when my digestion feel's "sluggish," I receive a "tune up acupuncture session" and I am back on tract. I would highly recommend Bradley to anyone looking for a natural approach for health, prevention, or to reduce stress and improve there overall quality of life." - Steve

Allergy Relief

"I was referred to acupuncture from my chiropractor. I had been receiving chiropractic care for several months and was only getting marginal relief. He recommended I see Bradley for Acupuncture. After the first treatment with acupuncture I was impressed and could not believe how much pain relief I experienced. I went for a couple more treatments and each treatment continued to provide results. Because I am always on the computer for work and under high stress with deadlines, every couple of months the neck and shoulder tension becomes aggravated. Now, I just call Brad for a quick "tune up" and I am back to work, pain free. I would recommend Bradley and Acupuncture to just about anyone. He works wonders!" - Jonathan

Sports Medicine

"Bradley is a savior. As a licensed competitive cyclist in the United States Cycling Federation competing in the Northern CA Nevada Cycling Association, I tax my body during race events and training sessions. My training sessions are up to 400 miles a week. With competition being high, I look for competitive edges to minimize pain and maximize performance where I can, without much intrusion. I have always thought about acupuncture, but never took the next step. Finally, my friend, Chelsea, told me to check [Bradley] out. Thank goodness she did and I came to Proactive. I was impressed with his thoroughness and depth of knowledge of me as an individual. It probably had to do with that intake questionaire, very thorough indeed. I felt as though he had known me for a while and were interested in what was really going on with me. Cool. That gave me a great deal of confidence in knowing he was not just going to poke and prod. Nonetheless, I can say, honestly, he has helped me improve my performance on the bike and you certainly relieve me of pain I get when I have pushed the limit. Furthermore, I do not take drugs to ease my pain, not even Asprin or Tylenol. Proactive offers resolution to pain without being invasive or compromising my system..." - Max

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